This course examines histories of racialized and ethnic communities in San Diego through oral history and active engagement with community organizations. We will consider how San Diego and surrounding areas are impacted by migration, militarism, and the border; how histories of global capitalism, colonialism, war, and racial and gendered state violence have impacted Black, brown, Indigenous, refugee and migrant communities; and how these communities have mobilized to address vulnerabilities to state violence and inequity, including those stemming from the uneven impact of COVID-19.

Through the course, students will build relationships with off-campus communities and learn the process of doing it slowly and ethically in ways that center the communities’ needs and visions. As part of that process, students will engage with and learn from the storytellers and community builders of our partner organizations and develop their critical praxis in oral history. The materials produced through this course will be a part of the ongoing Race and Oral History Project.

Community Partners for Spring 2022:

  1. Barrio Logan College Institute
  2. Detention Resistance
  3. Karen Organization
  4. Majdal Center