The Race & Oral History project is comprised of many active participants and contributors, including several community partners and students. We are community members in San Diego and faculty and librarians at UC San Diego who bring a variety of skill sets and knowledge to the project. 

Yến Lê Espiritu is Distinguished Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, San Diego. She has published extensively on Asian American panethnicity, critical immigration and refugee studies, and U.S. colonialism and wars in Asia. She is a founding faculty member of the Race and Oral History project, and co-teaches the course.

Luis Alvarez is Associate Professor of History and Associate Dean for Academic Personnel and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at UC San Diego, where he has also served as Director of the Chicanx Latinx Studies Program and inaugural Director of the Institute of Arts and Humanities.  His research and teaching interests include race, popular culture, and social movements in Chicanx, Latinx, and U.S.-Mexico borderlands studies.  He is a founding faculty member of the Race and Oral History Project, and co-teaches the course.

Simeon Man is Associate Professor of History and Associate Director of the Institute of Arts and Humanities at UC San Diego. His research and teaching centers on race, migration, and US imperialism in Asia and the Pacific. He is a founding faculty member of the Race and oral History Project and co-teaches the course.

Alanna Aiko Moore

Cristela Garcia Spitz is the Digital Initiatives Librarian at the UC San Diego Library and collaborates across areas of the library, campus, and community on projects to ensure the long-term accessibility, use, and preservation of the University’s unique collections freely available in UC San Diego’s Digital Collections website,  For the Race and Oral History project, she worked with the team to teach about conducting oral histories, carry out the oral history submission process, and build the Knit website technical infrastructure.


  • Christiane Assefa, Graduate Teaching Assistant (Spring 2019), Ethnic Studies
  • Adriana Echeverria, Graduate Teaching Assistant (Spring 2020), Ethnic Studies 
  • Yessica Garcia, Graduate Student, Ethnic Studies
  • Erin Glass, Digital Humanities Director, IAH and UC San Diego Library
  • Andrianna Hernandez, Coordinator, Chicanx Latinx Studies minor and program
  • Mya Hines, Coordinator, African American Studies minor and program
  • Katherine Levy, Management Services Officer, Institute of Arts and Humanities
  • Kimberly Merene, Undergraduate Intern (Summer 2020)
  • Cristabel Otero-Castaneda, Undergraduate Intern (Summer 2020)
  • Omar Padilla, Graduate Student, Ethnic Studies
  • Olivia Quintanilla, Graduate Student, Ethnic Studies
  • Diana Soqui, Coordinator, Chicana/o Latina/o Arts and Humanities minor and program
  • Tricia Taylor Oliveira, Director, Academic Internship Program (AIP)
  • Edwina Welch, Director, Cross-Cultural Center
  • Youngoh Jung, Graduate Teaching Assistant (Spring 2019, Spring 2020), History