Over the past quarter, our group has had the opportunity to spend Monday evenings with the Girl Scouts troop at the East African Community and Cultural Center. The Center is a vibrant space for the East African community in City Heights, serving as a meeting place for a number of different organizations and programs. The Girl Scouts program, with which we were involved, serves elementary school-aged girls, and falls under the umbrella of services and programs run by the United Women of East Africa (UWEAST) through the Center. Here at Girl Scouts, young girls have the opportunity to discuss and partake in activities that revolveRead More →

For the UWEAST Girl Scout troop, their time is truly enriched by the programming that the staff offers them. The games, activities, and projects all allow them to reflect on and engage with so many different parts of their identities, and many of the different themes relevant to their lives at their current age. It is clear that so much time and energy, on behalf of the staff at the community center, goes into creating activities that are enriching, meaningful and fun. So much of what is discussed and covered are things that young people might not normally gain from time spent in the classroom,Read More →

This past Monday was my last day at BLCI and it was a bittersweet moment. For this last workshop the high school specialist encouraged the 9th graders to bring snacks so they could have a sort of celebration for the last day. Students were able to share what they learned this year at BLCI as well as interact with each other in a different space, outside. The high school specialist allowed the ninth grade students to go outside and play volleyball as well as promoting team building activities with the students. As I was standing outside watching them play it hit me that the carRead More →

Short term or long term, any contribution towards a form of resistance sparks change, although it may not always be sudden. Although my classmates and I have only been with Detainee Allies this term, and the original organizers are in it for the long run, the experience and sharing of stories is something which has impacted my learning experience, both on and off the academic environment. Newsletters, letter reading and writing, and building connections are some of the few aspects which Detainee Allies does throughout the current humanitarian crisis at the border. Our class group and I have contributed to the newsletter and going toRead More →

Working with Detainee Allies this quarter has been such an amazing opportunity. Eye-opening, difficult at times, inspiring, and fulfilling are just a few words that describe what it’s been like. Every Monday night, we joined the group at one of the member’s house, reading letters and sending them out. The first few gatherings we went to scared me because of how informal they were; they felt structureless, which is not something I’m used to. However, about a month and a half has passed and I realized that the informality of the work the group does is what makes it so amazing. Not only have manyRead More →

Yesterday was my final day volunteering with the ninth grade students at the Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) and after seeing them grow throughout the last two months, I realized just how great these students really are. They taught me so much and I am truly going to miss them. Participating in their workshops was an experience that I am so thankful I was able to experience because interacting with them during the workshops made my time with them that much more meaningful. From these workshops I learned a great deal about myself and the students. One of my favorite activities was our trip toRead More →

This week marks the final week in the Race and Oral History course. After the readings, excursion, internship, and preparing for the community event, I came to understand how thankful I am for this opportunity. I was able to meet folks within UCSD that taught me a lot about myself and different styles of working with youth. I’m sure I’ve stated this before, but I am a striving educator for youth of color. Barrio Logan College Institute is my first real-world experience in the classroom engaging with the demographic and age group that I intend to teach. In this experience, I learned a great deal.Read More →

This trip was my first time going to Chicano Park, a place I have always wanted to visit due to how rich and bountiful its history is, and the significance it holds for the primarily Latinx residents of Barrio Logan. It was very humbling to be able to visit, and feel the monumentality that comes with decades of art, activism and community building. Throughout my the trip I found myself very fixated on the year 1970, the year the park was established. I was asking myself the question: What was it like at that time? Which administration was in power? What was the dominant narrativeRead More →

On Thursday, May 3, 2019, our Race & Oral History class took a trip to Chicano Park in Barrio Logan, San Diego. Beneath the on-ramp to the Coronado Bridge, Chicano Park is a hidden gem of San Diego with a rich history intertwined with the Mexican-American and Chicano communities of the barrio. This was my fourth time to Chicano Park, but every single time I return, I find even more beautiful murals, hear new stories, and see the developing impacts of gentrification. Prof. Luis Alvarez from the UCSD History Department gave us a brief lecture on the history of Chicano Park. The land that ChicanoRead More →

The past two Monday’s at BLCI have been dedicated to Financial Literacy workshops ran by a University of San Diego graduate student. The information she provided was not only relevant to the 9th grade students but relevant to me as well. The first Monday of the Financial Literacy workshop the students were able to fill out a worksheet to provide the presenter with some basic information about them. They seemed a little less engage with this part of the workshop however when they were given play-doh and legos as a creative way to answer questions they became more engaged. The second part of the workshopRead More →