These are interviews with Awichu Akwanya who is originally from Pakwach, Uganda but currently resides in City Heights, San Diego.  He was born in November of 1974 and migrated to the United States when he was 29 years old, seeking asylum.  Awichu has 23 siblings who are dispersed throughout the world: in London, Uganda, and the Middle East.  An amazing fact about Awichu is that he speaks 9 languages.  In this interview, Awichu discussed his life in Uganda, his journey to America, and his desire to continue with his education and to be reunited with his family. He also spoke about the effects ofRead More →

I visited both the Southern Sudanese Community Center and the East African Community Cultural Center in City Heights last week on Tuesday, April 24th and Friday, April 27th for Tutoring Hours and the Youth Workshop, respectively. Both were lively spaces where I got to interact with students (mostly from middle school to high school ages) and folks who work and/or volunteer in the space.  One of the things that stood out to me was how vocal students were about sharing their experiences with racism from their teachers and peers.  This came about through an activity the facilitator, Jesse Mills, had us participate as a segwayRead More →