A collection of letters written by Venezuelan detained migrants covering the topics of their life in Venezuela, conflict, their detained experience, and their collaboration with Detainee Allies. These letters were written by six people whose identities are kept anonymous, known only by their initials: E. L., S. G., A. R., M. W., and M. R. With rising corruption and resistance throughout Venezuela caused by various political and economic factors, these letters portray the injustices they fled, only to be met by another at the US-MX border. Many recall what is considered the ‘worst humanitarian crisis in the history of Venezuela,’ telling of physical abuse, foodRead More →

   This art piece was inspired by the interview conducted with Aurora P. Alvarez on the community of San Ysidro, CA. The candles, lampshade, and lighting are a literal representation of the lighting added to streets in San Ysidro over the past few years. Aurora explained it has significantly contributed to families feeling safer and using the local park. The art piece recreates a green space because Aurora recognized green areas as integral to community life and hopes to see more added. It is a symbol of progress in the community. The butterfly represents migration across the U.S.-Mexico border because San Ysidro is the borderRead More →