The San Diego Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (AD-RCMAR) is one of only eight AD-RCMARs across the United States. Established in 2018, the purpose of this center is two-fold:

1) To enhance the diversity of researchers studying Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) by focusing on the recruitment and career development of scientists from underrepresented groups; and

2) To fill critical gaps in ADRD research focused on older Latinos. Our Center is a joint partnership between the University of California San Diego and San Diego State University.

Find out more about the importance of understanding Alzheimer’s Disease in Latinos in this Op-Ed from the Los Angeles Times authored by Dr. Hector Gonzalez, one of our Principal Investigators. View article here

The importance of our Center’s work has also been highlighted on the UCSD-TV Alzheimer’s Disease – The Brain Channel