National Coordinating Center

The RCMAR Coordinating Center is housed at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, within the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. UCLA is the national Coordinating Center for all of the RCMARs/AD-RCMARs, which includes 18 RCMARS located throughout the United States (8 of which are focused specifically on Alzheimer’s Disease). The Coordinating Center facilitates and coordinates trans-RCMAR activities. The CC works closely with the NIA Program Officer and, in coordination with all RCMAR sites, is responsive to requests generated by key RCMAR site personnel, NIA, NIH, the scientific community, and the general public. For further information about the Coordinating Center and other RCMAR/AD-RCMAR sites, please visit:

Past webinars for hosted by the RCMAR Coordinating Center can be viewed here: