Our Team

This project required the expertise and collaboration of several people from different areas in the library and the campus community. The core working group was multi-generational, came from diverse backgrounds and brought together a range of skills and perspectives.

The project team meets in the Library, from left to right, Cristela Garcia-Spitz, Gayatri Singh, Tamara Rhodes, Rachel Myers . Photo by Sarah S. Bassiouni, 2018

Core Working Group • Job Title • Project Role

  • Tamara Rhodes • Librarian for Psychology, Cognitive Science, Human Developmental Sciences, and Linguistics Project Creator, Manager, & Designer
  • Cristela Garcia-Spitz Digital Initiatives Librarian Archives & Digital Infrastructure Advisor
  • Gayatri Singh • Reference & Information Services Coordinator Liaison Advisor & Coordinator
  • Rachel Myers • Library Assistant Researcher & Copy Editor


The initial project was created in a short amount of time due to the contributions of incredible folks who gave their time, expertise, knowledge, and memory. The project continues on thanks to those people and many others since.

Campus Activists, Advocates, and Community Members:

  • Jorge Mariscal
  • Fnann Keflezighi
  • Dr. Amanda Solomon Amorao
  • Katie Herzog
  • Dr. Angela Kong
  • Agustín Orozco
  • Communication Department’s “Comm Playground” project — DoUCRacism?
  • Paty Arroyos
  • Dr. Hanna Garth, UCSD Anthropology
  • Dr. Phoebe Bronstein
  • Valerie Saiag
  • Sudarshan Srinivasan
  • Dr. Erica Bender
  • Matt Nelson
  • Bobby Edwards
  • Belinda Ramírez
  • Dr. Samuel D. Museus
  • Emily Johnston
  • Megan Strom
  • OASIS and Black Achievements at UC San Diego Project: Andre Thompson, Christina Medina-Ramirez, Vanessa Martinez, Emmeline Domingo, Berenice Jau
  • Federica Bucca
  • Izzy Narvaez

Other Library Contributors:

  • Joohee Lee – (former) Rights Analyst
  • Dorthea Stewart – (former) Outreach Specialist
  • Alanna Aiko Moore – liaison to campus community centers
  • UC San Diego Library IT Services
  • UC San Diego Library Special Collections & Archives
  • Jay Okereke, Social Sciences and Student Activism Project Assistant (2022)