Week 3

As I mentioned in class, you must complete the following assignment before class meets next Friday

1.Blog post

The purpose of this assignment is to practice using the blog and to introduce yourself to the class. For help on how to use WordPress, please see “WordPress Support” in the website menu. For more information on blogging, please see “how to write a good blog” in the website menu.

Required features:

  1. Introduce yourself (tell us about your background, interests) and tell us your favorite book in the HUM sequence and why. Link to your own website etc. if you want.
  2. Include at least one media object (image, video, song, etc.)
  3. Tagging and categories:
    1. Tagging: You are required to include at least three tags for each post.
    2. Category: I have created categories for each week of the course. Each time you blog, you must check off the category for the week that you are posting (ie, if you are posting Week 3, check off as your category ‘week 3″).
  4. Recommended (but not required): leave a comment on someone else’s post!

How to access tags and categories?: To access tagging and categories: when you are writing your post, click on the “settings” icon in the top right corner. This will open up a pane giving you the option to add tags and to designate a category.

Sample introduction: I wrote an intro for myself to give you an example to work from as you write your own intro: Montaigne all the way. I demonstrated two characteristic features of a blog: a “clever” title, and the incorporation of media. (Please note I will not contribute in future discussions, because I want this to be a space for the students without instructor intervention).

2. Reverse outline for the sample A essay

The purpose of this assignment is to give you a sense of how an A – level essay is constructed. Pay close attention a) to how the body paragraphs support the thesis and b) to how the evidence in the body paragraphs support the topic sentences. Please see requirements for reverse outline below:

  1. Underline thesis
  2. Complete reverse outline, according to the instructions here: Reverse Outlining