Homework week 9

As Professor Watkins explains: “Schiller… attempts to explain how art (or aesthetic experience) is crucial to making human beings better (morally), given that aesthetic experience displays a special kind of harmonious unity of opposites (e.g., of the sensual and the intellectual) that can ameliorate the fractured state in which modern human beings find themselves.” (Watkins, “Schiller Reading Guide”).

Choose a work of art or aesthetic experience that is blog-friendly—it can be an image, video, song, photograph– the only requirement is that it is possible for people unfamiliar with the work to quickly view or listen for the first time (so please avoid books or movies, because not everyone will be familiar). Create a blog post in which you embed the media object, and then, explain it in terms of Schiller’s philosophy: How does it merge the sensual and intellectual? How can it help us be better (morally)?

Your post must: have a clever title, include three tags, and be categorized for week 9.

Because you have less time to complete this assignment, I am only requiring that you post a blog post this week (you do not need to post comments, although go ahead if you feel inspired), and the blog posts are due by the time class meets on Friday.