“…has each one of us signed with the blood of his human nature a compact with some such spiritual power, with the demonic element within him, with that spirit of negation, of cynicism, of cold unideal utilitarian worldly-wisdom which mocks at faith and love and every high and tender impulse…?” – H.B. Cotterill In our consideration as to whether the floodgates of informational resources owned by universities should be made available to the public, we would do well to take a moment to reflect on a few things we know to be certain regarding the policies, practices and precedence held by these corporate entities/institutions ofRead More →

Hello friends! This was sent to me and I figured I should definitely share it with all of you! 6th Annual Aaron Swartz Day & International Hackathon at the Internet Archive I don’t know how I forgot to mention The Internet Archive in any of our meetings, especially considering the fact that they have been laying the foundation for traversing the digital-highway by providing a means of archiving websites, (over 279 billion) videos, news, books and texts (11 million) and tons more stuff, effectively leading the toward the same goal of a world where Access to Knowledge is (digitally) Universal. I highly recommend you guys checkRead More →

I enjoyed Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s, Generous Thinking: The University and the Public Good and find it interesting how her text was utilized in several ways, the first of which being the platform through which she introduced the community of Western scholars and their civilian counterparts to the potential benefits to be had should the universities embrace the ideology of open access platforms, and open their vaults of research, unknown gems and innovative ideas that we might find. The thought of all of the effort and endless hours of mind power students and professors have put into their work only for it to be locked away in some archive,Read More →

The unbridled advance into the arms of technological dependence may prove to be the swansong of our society. In hindsight, we realize that, while we were enjoying and exploring our newfound freedoms within the digital dimensions, nefarious corporations, special interest groups and power-crazed government agencies were sowing the seeds of what Chris Gilliard describes in Pedagogy and the Logic of Platforms as “Web 2.0”. We can safely assume that many of the figureheads who would have us believe we missed our chance to alter course, thereby leaving us no choice but to accept the status quo, hope to secure their vested interests by keeping things as theyRead More →

Michael is a transfer student and former SDCCD PATH Mentee pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at UC San Diego. He is particularly interested in the study of philosophical logic and its role in the development of the technological devices surrounding us, as well as the influence that various forms of media play in shaping our perceptions of the world. He is thrilled to be involved with the KNIT R&D team and looks forward to sharing and shaping ideas alongside his fellow Arts & Humanities students.    Read More →