My interviewee, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a refugee who migrated to the United States from Egypt. She was born in Somalia and raised in Egypt until she arrived in the U.S. and has managed to practice and value her culture. For my art project, I wanted to show how culture is passed on by family members. To represent the creation of culture I used two wooden trees and placed them down opposite to each other to indicate that culture is like a tree that grows, but sometimes when we are far from home we don’t know much about it. So, in order to learn about our culture, we have to start from the root and embrace it. The top wooden tree is decorated with acrylic rhinestones to indicate that my interviewee has managed to preserve and learn more about her culture. In between the trees, I drew two women to represent my interviewee and her mother, who has taught her how to continue preserving her culture. I added rhinestones around the canvas and on their hijab to show how beautiful and colorful culture can be. Finally, I included butterflies because they symbolize migration and hope.