Interview Synopsis: The following interview is an interview with Alexander Huezo, a professor of Ethnic Studies who currently teaches at UC, San Diego. Prior to his time at UC, San Diego, Professor Huezo worked as an educator for high schools in the Oakland Unified School District for about 10 years and eventually went on to apply for and get accepted into the Latin American Studies Masters program at UC, San Diego. After completing his Masters program in San Diego, Dr. Huezo attended UCLA to receive his masters in Latin American Studies and later earned a PhD in geography from Florida International University. This interview covers topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic, migrants and refugees, immigration policy and detention, and the War on Drugs. The interview was conducted online via Zoom in order to comply with the current social distancing and quarantine guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The interview was conducted by Derek Buitron, a fourth year Ethnic Studies major at UC, San Diego who is interested in the roles that mass media and immigration policy have in the ongoing demonization of migrants and refugees.

Interview Audio