Reflecting now upon taking this course, I just have to say, never have I ever taken a class like this. As a Cognitive Science major, one thing that I will miss about classes like Ethn 120D is the warmth, the understanding, the compassion that etches out of this class’s metaphorical pores because like, especially this year, it was very different given the circumstances with Covid, online classes and figuring everything out that comes along with that, especially a community resource class. However, this class, the people I met in this class- students, teachers, community members, etc- have really taught me that we all are going through this crisis together, so learning when to take a break, leaning on each other to talk, relieving each other and providing support have certainly things I have revisited, especially during the end of the quarter. I am very glad and proud of all the work I have done with my group members and of others in all that they have done as well. It’s like a type of pride that is very unfamiliar with me- it isn’t very surface level, it seeps into me and makes me feel very warm. Personally, I do not regret taking this class ESPECIALLY during this quarter because it has rejuvenated me in all ways that all my other classes have depleted me of. All in all, if you want to feel warm, take this class..