Hamadi Jumale, born in Somalia and raised in Kenyan Refugee Camps, arrived in San Diego about 15 years ago. Facing many struggles as a child, Hamadi persevered and made his way to California to start a new life and family. With help from fellow Somalians in San Diego, Hamadi became a board member for the Somali Bantu Community of San Diego. And now, he is currently the Executive Director of the Somali Bantu Community of San Diego, and has held that position for over 10 years. Hamadi has been a valuable member of his community, and to this day, continues to give his all for the betterment of the Somalian people in San Diego. 

The following interview partially explains Hamadi’s childhood, experiences in San Diego, and community impact in San Diego. He goes in depth about the specifics of becoming a leader for his community, all while taking care of his family.

This interview was conducted through Zoom by Matthew Dzoan, a 2nd-year Management Science student at UCSD, due to the CDC COVID-19 guidelines.