Angela Edith Tohalino Paredes was born in Arequipa, Peru in 1985 and identifies as an International student at UCSD. Angela is a first generation college student who has persevered through the public school system of her home country which has majority private school institutions which offer greater teaching and learning opportunities. Covid 19 was a great barrier in her college experience due to zoom being the primary platform for experiencing lectures and discussion during remote instruction. The path to college and the American lifestyle were also explored as we discovered  how she maneuvered through language barriers and non citizen status in the US. This interview covers topics such as citizen status, language barriers, economic barriers, and remote learning due to covid. This interview was conducted over zoom to practice social distancing due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This Interview was conducted by Joshua Chiu, a fifth year ICAM(Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts Major in the Department of Music) at UCSD who is interested in the international student experience at UCSD.