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Daniela Sodre Oral Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Daniela Sodre. She is a fourth-year transfer student at UCSD, majoring in Developmental psychology. She was born in Brazil and came to San Diego at a young age. Daniela explains the struggle of being a first-generation student without having much support. Though, there were several challenges, such as a language barrier, finding work to pay bills, and attending college without much assistance, she overcame these obstacles and thrived in a city where many individuals don’t. This interview covers the topic of transfer student, identity, economic hardship, and surviving in one of the most expensive cities in the nation. Since we are still affected be the pandemic, we were unable to do this interview in person. So this recoding was conducted via zoom and later converted to an audio recording. This interview was conducted by Andres Tafoya, and I am also a first-generation student who is a fourth-year Ethnic Studies major at UCSD. I am interested in social justice, equality, and the importance of creating non-western academics that benefit marginalized communities.

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