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Jennifer Frost Moreno Interview

Jennifer Frost Moreno (she/they) is an activist and Chicanx Art History professor who is involved in Armadillo’s Search and Rescue, We All We Got San Diego, and Detention Resistance. The audio tape describes her journey into activism and how she became politicized as well as challenges in activism. They traveled to San Diego in the 5th grade and grew up with her mother, a single parent. Jennifer grew into activism and community work when she went to college and became more expressive in her queer identity. One of their first experiences was going to a Say No to Prop 8 protest that would have overturned gay marriage in California. From there, her activism flourished as they started to make more connections within the activist spaces and build community. Their work in all these organizations have taught her that all experiences and interactions are significant because in many cases, you are in community with people at a time of great need. Activism is something that doesn’t have a neat linear path, so the most important thing is just to get involved with the right intention and an open mind to learning. Jennifer’s story is a significant example of how that can happen and how one can enter into abolitionist and collectivist driven activism.  

This interview was conducted through Zoom by Kyleen Martin, a Third-year in Ethnic Studies at UC San Diego, who is interested in learning more about how to be involved in collectivist and abolitionist community groups and activism. 

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