Nora is a first-generation Palestinian woman that used to serve as the Youth Organizer for the Majdal Center in the San Diego area. In this oral history, Nora shares about her experience growing up with constant travel, first introduction to grassroot organizing throughout her undergraduate career and the effect they had on her familial background and history and her experience working internationally. She also speaks on the beginning of the Majdal Center to serve the Arab Community in El Cajon and the youth programs that she witnessed make a positive impact. This interview covers topics such as the political and social activism, community building and allyship. Fortunately, I was paired with this narrator through Ramah Awad, the community organizer of the Majdal Center and primarily contact I had direct communication with throughout the quarter. The interview was conducted conducted via Zoom to practice safe social distancing practices as COVID cases begin to rise. The interview was conducted by Shelvie Mae Bumanglag, a third year Social Psychology major at UCSD who is interested in entering the mental health and counseling field to aid in destigmatizing the AAPI’s outlook on mental illness and generational trauma.  

Narrator has chosen to only publish a written transcript.