This interview features Nayef and Jennifer Mogannam, a husband and wife who are both activists for the Arab communities in California. They were influential in working with the Palestinian community in San Diego, and the formation of the Majdal Center. In this oral history, you will see Jennifer and Nayef discuss what their journey to activism has looked like, as well as their involvement with the Palestinian Youth Movement. Jennifer and Nayef discuss what the Arab community looks like in San Diego, and how that influenced the need for a center like the Majdal Center in El Cajon. This interview covers topics such as youth organizing, Palestinean refugees, the Palestinian Youth Movement, activism, and community involvement. This interview was conducted over zoom, due to distance and to practice social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. This interview was conducted by Irelan Fletcher, a third year History major at UCSD who is interested in social justice activism and community organizing.