Over the past quarter, our group has had the opportunity to spend Monday evenings with the Girl Scouts troop at the East African Community and Cultural Center. The Center is a vibrant space for the East African community in City Heights, serving as a meeting place for a number of different organizations and programs. The Girl Scouts program, with which we were involved, serves elementary school-aged girls, and falls under the umbrella of services and programs run by the United Women of East Africa (UWEAST) through the Center. Here at Girl Scouts, young girls have the opportunity to discuss and partake in activities that revolveRead More →

For the UWEAST Girl Scout troop, their time is truly enriched by the programming that the staff offers them. The games, activities, and projects all allow them to reflect on and engage with so many different parts of their identities, and many of the different themes relevant to their lives at their current age. It is clear that so much time and energy, on behalf of the staff at the community center, goes into creating activities that are enriching, meaningful and fun. So much of what is discussed and covered are things that young people might not normally gain from time spent in the classroom,Read More →

Dear future ETHN120D/HIUS120 student, This course will most likely be unlike most other classes you have taken thus far in your college career. The class offers a unique opportunity to go beyond the walls of UCSD, spend time learning from the individuals at a community-based organization, and take part in the process of learning about, collecting, and transcribing oral histories, while also making them accessible to the public. This class is challenging in its many different facets and requirements yet rewarding in that it allows you to build upon what you know from time in the classroom by expanding this knowledge through experiences with communityRead More →

Our visit to Chicano Park last Thursday was my first time there and a really great opportunity to see and understand how art, history, and space are so closely related in Barrio Logan. I loved getting a chance to walk around and explore the murals as well as the other forms of art that are displayed all throughout the park. In connection to what we are learning in class, visiting Chicano Park offered a way of seeing how community history can be preserved and shared in a number of ways, including through art. Murals, in particular, can be a way to resist and redefine theRead More →

After 3 weeks with the Girl Scouts program at UWEAST, I have started getting to know many of the students as well as some of the staff members at the center. One of my first reactions to being at the center was how open the space felt. Staff echoed this by sharing that the center is a place where anyone is welcome in the afternoons for a place to do homework or spend time. Even during specific scheduled programming, like Girl Scouts, others are welcome to use the space. Being at the center each week has reminded me of the importance of community spaces, andRead More →