Ismahan Abdullahi, is a first-generation Somali-American woman who has lived in Denver, Colorado before moving to South Bay and then City Heights in San Diego, California. She currently works as the Executive Director of the Muslim American Society (MAS) under the Division of Civic Engagement. Her career path towards political activism was inspired by her early childhood experiences and by many events she has witnessed amongst communities of color throughout her life. As a former UCSD student, Ismahan was involved as the President of UCSD’s Muslim Student Association (MSA), where she discovered her passion for fighting for justice and equality for African Americans. The interviewRead More →

Dear Future Student, You will really enjoy this class. If you’re taking this course during the pandemic, I can probably give you some useful feedback. When conducting an interview over zoom, make sure you and your interviewee are in a well-lit space, as well as a quiet setting. Be willing to listen and learn from the organizations you will be helping, and try to build genuine relationships if you would like to continue to be involved in community organizing. In my experience, it was challenging not to add my own input during an oral history. Because of that, I spent time ensuring that my questionsRead More →

Cindy Rocha is one of the muralists of Chicano Park’s new mural commemorating Anastasio Hernandez Rojas and his family. She is a mentee of Victor Ochoa, who is also one of the muralists involved in the project. Cindy is studying Studio Art at California State University, Long Beach. She prides herself not only on her work ethic and commitment to her projects, but also on her ability to process emotionally-charged subject matter in a way that allows her to remain in touch with her emotions. Because this mural engages with the themes of law enforcement brutality, racial discrimination, and anti-immigrant sentiment, Cindy’s contribution help thisRead More →

Dear Future ETHN 120D Students, As an LA native, I was unaware of what to expect from this course. I never conducted an oral history interview before, nor did I know what grassroots community organizing entailed. However, after virtually interning with the Refugee Health Unit, I would definitely recommend ETHN 120D to anyone that is interested in learning more about the San Diego community. In order to gain the most out of your experiences, be present in class at all times and ask presenters questions about their previous experiences in oral history. Be punctual and attentive to what your internship supervisors and your professor expectRead More →

Thanh Pham is a 63-year old Vietnamese-American, and was a long-time resident of Berkeley, CA and the Bay Area. He grew up in Viet Nam during the war, and was relocated to the U.S. from Da Nang, Viet Nam in order to get life-saving treatment for his injuries. He describes his life experiences, from growing up in a war, to living in the U.S. with his American guardian family, and experiencing childhood in two very different circumstances. Currently, he has moved back to Viet Nam to live with his family, and discusses experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic from there. The interview was conducted over Zoom dueRead More →

dear future student, welcome! you’ve made a great decision by choosing to take this course. it will challenge what you know about academia and ethics, and make you really think about why we do what we do – i’ve never had a course be so personally rewarding while also allowing me to gain credits.  be prepared to forge meaningful relationships, engage in vibrant discussion, expand your worldview, and be humbled by what you will learn from your peers, your community group, and your interviewee. approach it with a humble and open mind – you are not the expert, you’re there to learn from people whoRead More →

To the future students of the wonderful Race and Oral History, I wish you the best experience in this one of a kind class. Make the most of it, no matter what group you work with, no matter who you interview, look for the positive experiences that impact you. Yes, you learn skills on how to be a better interviewer and historian, but this class is so much more than what you get in the classroom. Hopefully in the future when the COVID era passes behind us, the level of engagement you will be able to have with your community partners will be tenfold, butRead More →

This interview was given by 29 year old San Diego native Stephen Graham Hajosy. Graham was born and raised in San Diego and currently still resides here. His life’s work has been in art but he is currently on track to receive a credential in Education. The interview covers topics on Chicano Park, Murals and Art, Current Times and COVID-19. This interview was conducted by Ángel Miguel López, a fourth year  Double Major in History & Theatre and Double Minoring in Chicanx Studies and African American Studies at UCSD who is interested in bringing the arts and humanities together to create social changeRead More →

Dear Future Student, I would first like to welcome you to this course and let you know that you have made an excellent choice. ETHN 120D is an unconventional course where you will have to do a majority of your work outside of the classroom or library. The type of work that you get to do in this course actually means something more than just doing an exam or writing a paper. It means something to the community partner that you work with and it will end up meaning so much to you as well.  This class requires you to always be on top ofRead More →