May 9, 2018 workshop on Managing your Researcher/Scholarly Identity

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Managing your Researcher/Scholarly Identity

  • Date: May 9, 2018 from 2-3 pm
  • Venue: BLB events Room
  • Registration: UC San Diego Library Libcal
  • Instructor Information: Allegra Swift: Scholarly Communications Librarian, UC San Diego Library
  • Audience: All are welcome.

A presentation of the issues, tools, and options will be interspersed with activities.

*Please bring a laptop or tablet to access the internet*

Workshop Description:
A professional online presence is one of the best tools a researcher and scholar can employ to increase the visibility of their publications and research output, to increase institutional recognition, to find potential collaborators, future co-authors, and readers. It is increasingly important to reach the public and policy makers and to keep discipline experts and their scholarship visible in Google search results. Even though It can be overwhelming as we attempt to stay abreast of every new development and option discovered or sold to us; curating your online identity is possible at any comfort level. Learn about tools and techniques to retain more control over your reputation and ensure that search results reflect how you want to be seen.

This workshop will cover strategies, services, and tools for curating your online profile and making your digital footprint work for you. Learn how scholars and researchers at all stages in their careers and comfort level can increase their visibility, impact, and collaborative opportunities. Take-away tools to make, track, and communicate broader impacts.

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  • Author profiles
    • Choose a visible, discoverable, inviting front door to your professional self
  • Rights
    • Take control of your intellectual property
  • Repositories
    • Make permanent collections of your outputs where they can be discovered, accessed, and cited
  • Identifiers
    • Disambiguate your name and publications
  • Impact metrics
    • Discover traditional and alternative tools to analyze and communicate your impact

Course Learning Objectives:

A participant in this course will at the end of the course be able to:


  • Understand the issues around scholarly identity in an online environment in order to make informed choices about how and where to engage with tools
  • Access communities of support, guidance, and resources at UC San Diego in order to attend to the care and feeding of one’s online scholarly identity
  • Takes steps to curate an web presence in order to benefit with heightened visibility, communicate impact, and shared scholarship


  • Learn about the options in profiles, repositories, platforms, gathering and communicating impact data, and utilizing social media

Course Format and Topics:

A presentation of the issues, tools, and options will be interspersed with activities. Please bring a laptop or tablet to access the internet


  • Intros and what does scholarly communication have to do with online identity?
  • Issues and benefits: Why you should care and curate
  • Guidelines and best practices
  • Tools to use and places to put your stuff
  • Profiles: When is a social networking site not an academic profile or repository?
  • Impact: Dipping a toe into metrics and altmetrics
  • Social media: Engage as much or as little as you like