Panel presentation at the 2019 Digital Initiatives Symposium at the University of San Diego

“Having a Social Impact” Poster Presentation cover
Presentation slides can be found at

A member of the Tell Us How UC It project presented on a panel at the University of San Diego 2019 Digital Initiatives Symposium called “Having a Social Impact: Supporting Social Justice and Open Access through Digital Initiative Projects.”

Panel Abstract:

“Digital infrastructures and tools allow organizations and institutions to create opportunities for projects, information transfer, learning, and platforms for a range of voices. It also creates opportunities that promote open access, social justice, and social impact. Panelists who are directly involved in digital initiative projects that specifically seek to impact society, either by opening up information resources to everyone, or by giving people the digital resources they need to be self-supportive, will talk about their projects and the beliefs that underpin their efforts. From libraries, to online content providers, to digital skills educators, the panel represents a wide range of organizations that are employing digital initiatives for social good.”

Organizations participating in this panel discussion included the Catholic Research Resources Alliance, Digital Divide Data, the Center for Bibliographical and Research Studies, UC-Riverside, and the UC San Diego Library.

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