Sixth College Let it Flow Event

The project collaborated with Federica Bucca, Assistant Director of Sixth Residence Life to provide the timeline banners on February 29, 2024 for the Sixth College annual Let It Flow event.

From Federica:

“Let It Flow is an annual event that celebrates the African and Black diaspora, shares traditions, histories, and cultures through performing and visual arts. This event, at its core, serves as a catalyst for deeper engagement and helps the UCSD student community cultivate a sense of belonging, dedicated to, and built upon fostering inclusivity by honoring the contributions of The Black Arts Movement. 

Let It Flow has been a historical Sixth College event since 2004, making this the 20th anniversary! This special year, we are elevating the tradition of Black art and celebration with our theme: Let It Flow: Off The Block. 

Our focus is to highlight subculture movements, such as Ballroom, Drag, Punk, and Slam Poetry. We are specifically highlighting the Black Queer community by showcasing artistic themes in fashion, dance, DIY, and self-expression. Through our marketing and event activities, we want people to engage with these communities and urge attendees to learn about subcultures, which are often underrepresented and erased. In fact, this year we are excited to invite local Black Drag Queens! 

Off the Block incorporates tradition, while pushing boundaries to celebrate communities that are often excluded, such as the Black Queer community. “

The event was a success with around 400 community members, students, and faculty/staff in attendance.

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