Lauren’s Madrid Routine: A Day in the Life

I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain through a Global Seminar during the summer of 2019. Quickly, I had to adjust to new customs within my routine, for example, menu del dias and siestas. A typical day would be waking up and getting ready to leave our apartment around 9:30. I would walk to the Canal stop and get off at stop Sevilla and a short walk to our building. I usually had a granola bar to eat on the subway for breakfast. Class was from 10 to 2. We were given a short break at 12 and able to go down to a local market for a snack or breakfast. I always got napolitanas from the local market, which is a very popular chocolate pastry. Once we finished class, my friends and I would go get menu del dia at local restaurants. In Spain, it is normal to have a three-course meal for lunch for around 12.10 euros. The first menu del dia was very hard to adjust to. My favorite meal would have to be paella! I was very thankful for how much walking we had to do throughout the day.

Paella! Madrid, Spain, 2019

Siesta would take place from 2 to 4, where after lunch most people tend to go back home for a quick nap. Most shops would close during this time, then resume their day after their nap. My friends and I would have to go meet up with the class to go to our next excursion from 4 to around 6. We would be dismissed and return back to our apartment. During this time, I either did some homework or just relaxed. Dinner was around 9 and dinner tends to be small appetizers, also known as tapas. My favorite tapas would have to be patatas bravas. Then, the sun would finally set around 10PM. This was a typical day in Madrid for me! 

Madrid sunset at 10 pm, Spain, 2019

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