Kant we all just get along?

Kant believes that people are not objects; that human beings must be respected and not used. The only circumstance in which one would “use” someone else is if we do not use that person as a means to our end. If we “use” someone, we must respect them in the process considering more than just our own self interests. I found this concept interesting because I agree that human beings should not be treated as objects. Innately, however, I think some people are better as others. I feel that some people take others feelings into consideration, while others have no issue pursuing what they want at the expense of others.

A modern example is a Netflix show called “You.” In season 2 of the show, 2 people pursue love and will do anything to get the person they want. Although they genuinely believe they are acting out of love for someone else, at the end of the day, they perform extreme actions to get what they want.

1 thought on “Kant we all just get along?

  1. Nice post and trailer Isabella! I definitely agree with you how people are not objects and thus we must think about others before we act on our needs. This is truly so important, and it is quite unfortunate that many individuals forget to think of others in that regard. Hopefully that is a lesson to be learned by many.
    And this trailer truly highlights that idea that one person just works towards that idea of using a person for their desires and needs, and this is probably one of the most literal forms of that. Intriguing show/trailer, but hopefully humanity will not become this bad!

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