i Am Overwhelmed By the Possibilities

i Am Overwhelmed By the Possibilities

After reading “The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0” and “Pedagogy and the Logic of Platforms” i can admit to being filled with excitement by the possibilities a collaboration between the humanities and technology presents, and filled with dread, anger, and a healthy amount of loathing for the parasitic pervasiveness of capitalism to get me to finally read Das Kapital and/or The Communist Manifesto.

@Capitalism: Look what you made me do.

My current interests/questions/fears include…

  • How do we fight against the internet as a medium for information capitalism? Can it be restructured or does it have to be destroyed and rebuilt?

Perhaps, as Chris Gilliard says, the internet isn’t broken. It’s performing a function inherent to it’s creation, if one considers Alan Turing to be the “father of theoretical computer science”, the first function of his computing was code-breaking, accessing information without consent. In its modern iterations, computers are much more advanced but still performing that same function, in a multitude of ways, and in many cases, the public are aware of this.

I’m also excited about the concept of a truly collaborative platform, where sharing ideas, academics, access to information, and art/creative endeavors is welcomed. I liked the concept from the Manifesto about “undermining copyright” and finding creative ways to use/redistribute interpretations, recreations, etc. of art, in spite of copyright law.

(*Note: I definitely had way more to talk about but my notes were deleted so, alas, I must end here.)

I look forward to using the skills and research from this group into creating a digital platform beneficial not only to us, but to our peers and community members!

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  1. I thought your post was incredible and full of personality. I like the questions that you have, because they are the same ones I have. Should the internet be destroyed so we can try again, or de improve the one we currently have, and how do we improve it since the system is too far gone up to this point it seems.

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