How Can Research Facilitators Help You?

Working with all IT providers on campus, Research IT Facilitators connect researchers with high-end and big-data-friendly services that are selected specifically to help you accomplish your research and instructional needs.

What does that mean specifically? Well, if any of the following FAQs resonate with you, it might be time to contact us!

  • Are you planning a proposal or writing a grant?

Our web site has boilerplate verbiage that may be used in the Facilities section of NSF/NIH funding proposals as needed.

  • Do you need to show proof-of-concept to a granting agency?

We can offer hands-on integration support for demos to help you show off your ideas.

  • Do you need assistance developing a data management plan?

Let us help you develop a strategy early on!

  • Are you creating or collecting data?

Research IT can assist with high-speed networking, storage and backup solutions.

  • Are you running large compute jobs as you analyze your data?

HPC resources, XSEDE, Campus Colo, Condo Compute may be options.

  • Sharing your data? Collaborating with other in the course of your research?

Let us point you to large file transfer applications and collaborative workspaces.

  • Do you need to store and preserve your data for the future?

Research IT can connect you to the right providers.

Consult with a campus research facilitator!  These are no-charge consultation services and our experienced facilitators will help you navigate the complex IT environment. Together we will find the specific technologies and resources you need for research and instructional purposes including private and public cloud solutions, storage and research data management, high-speed network connections, and more.


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