Today’s the day! I was all set to interview Bobbie, whom I had met at the last senior lunch I attended at the Guam Club. I was excited to see how the interview would unfold, and I felt a sense of professionalism as I carried the voice recorder bag over my shoulder.

This was my sixth time to the Guam Club so it was starting to feel like a “home away from home” to me, just like it was to many Chamorros in San Diego. After Bobbie arrived, I wanted to get started with the interview, but she urged me to eat first. Realizing that I hadn’t set aside time in my schedule for lunch, I gladly got in line and enjoyed some meatloaf before interviewing Bobbie about her life. She talked about her hometown, her parents, her eight siblings, and her time serving in and working for the military. I was glad to hear her stories and grateful to have gotten to know such an incredible woman.