The final art reception was an amazing experience! I enjoyed creating and coming up with my art project, which was a poem and an interactive portion where folks could plant their own seeds of jalapeño, cilantro, tomate, and cebolla to take home. I forgot to take a picture during the reception of folks doing their plants, but our TA Yessica video recorded me and others at my station.

I decided to have a planting station for my art project because when helping at the youth center at Casa Familiar, they mentioned how they used to have a garden for the students. Then during my time with the students, I connected the idea of a garden and seeds to the youth themselves. How the youth and the youth I interviewed Victoria, are seeds of revolution in their community of San Ysidro that are growing and are making changes for the best in their community. Also, how the seeds of knowledge and justice are being planted within the community of San Ysidro through the youth.

Seeds of Revolution:

Fathers, mothers, and children crossing borders, deserts, and oceans

Working from sun up to sun down to make ends meet

Making sure bills don’t pile

Searching for a better life

“The land of the free and brave,” seems farther out of reach each time

Black and brown bodies being harassed

Communities being torn apart

Empty promises turned into policies

They tried to bury . . .

Our work, Our existence

Thinking we wouldn’t fight

But you come for one, you come for all!

They tried to bury us, but unfortunate to them

We are the seeds of revolution

We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams

Flourishing flowers, strong resilient roots, clinging to the earth of those that came before us.

They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.