Agazit Tesfai and I were connected through the South Sudanese Center. We’d never met in person before the interview, so I was trying to both interview and talk to Agazit, with the hope of also making a friend. If we end up getting that Ethiopian coffee together, then I’ll take that as a success. Originally, the plan was for us to meet at Geisel Library to do the interview in person, but because Agazit had to get ready for a class she was teaching. So, she was at her home while I was in one of the quiet study rooms in Geisel. We talked about Agazit’s origins, as well as her parents. We talked about traditions, culture, food, her experience as a Ethiopian-American in San Diego. This interview, as you’ll hear at the end, forced me to figure out what exactly I wanted to get out of this experience in HIUS 144, and working with the South Sudanese Center. Unfortunately, since Agazit only had so much time to talk, I didn’t get to ask many of the questions I wanted to ask.