I am working with Detainee Allies in their efforts to provide support to people who are being detained. The work done by Detainee Allies takes place in various locations. I attend the Monday meetings from 7-8:30pm that take place at the homes of some of the lead organizers. The work that is being done is very significant, which is evident when reading some of these letters that express gratitude to the organization for their help. All this work is done by volunteers at a large kitchen table where there is an assembly line created to read letters, address, stuff and stamp envelopes. Some volunteers insert data in an online database that keeps track of the detainees and their “pen pals,” as well as keep track of distributing money to the detainees. Through my few encounters with the volunteers, there is a clear personal connection to the work that is being along with who they are doing this work with. There are people who come to these meetings regularly and they clearly have close relationships with one another. However, they are very welcoming to newcomers who want to help. Thus far, this has been a learning experience and I am excited to continue working with Detainee Allies throughout the quarter.