Dear future Students, The Race and Oral History course will provide you with a learning experience that is beyond the classroom and can not be replicated in the classroom. You will be given the opportunity to work with the community, while at the same time learn valuable skills. You will learn how to use different technology, conduct an interview, transcribe an interview and numerous other skills that are specific to the community partner you choose to work with. I worked with Detainee Allies an organization who writes letters to people in detention centers. I participated in their Monday night meetings. At these meetings we readRead More →

I really enjoyed visiting Chicano Park. I have visited a couple times prior, and I always enjoy viewing all of the art work. I enjoyed hearing about the history of the park and how it came to be as a result of community organizing. I find the history of Chicano Park significant in its success to take back a neighborhood through the unity of the people that live in the neighborhood. It is a symbol or resistance and a good reminder of what can be done when a community comes together. I appreciate walking around in the area and seeing private owned businesses by peopleRead More →

I am working with Detainee Allies in there efforts to provide support to people who are being detained. The work done by Detainee Allies takes place in various locations. I attend the Monday meetings from 7-8:30pm that take place at the homes of some of the lead organizers. The work that is being done is very significant, which is evident when reading some of these letters that express gratitude to the organization for their help. All this work is done by volunteers at a large kitchen table where there is an assembly line created to read letters, address, stuff and stamp envelopes. Some volunteers insertRead More →