Nahomi Sanchez, pronouns (she/her/they), a 17-year-old high school student graduating a year early this spring and a current attendee at Barrio Logan College Institute. Nahomi hopes to pursue a career reforming the prison and criminal justice system in hopes of creating a permanent legal policy that will ensure that people of color aren’t incarcerated at mass rates. She is very passionate about reformative justice and learning about the prison to school pipeline. She plans to attend San Diego State University in the Fall majoring in International Business and Criminal Justice. This interview covers topics such as Nahomi’s passions and plans for the future, her biggest motivations, and her own growth and development. I met Nahomi at BLCI during tutoring hours and helped her brainstorm some ideas for her scholarship personal statement. Hearing her talk about herself and her goals for the future reminded me so much of myself and the kind of work I also hope to do. The interview was conducted via Zoom in order to accommodate both of our schedules and to practice social distancing. The interview was conducted by myself, Fatima Maciel, a second-year Ethnic Studies and Public Policy major at UCSD who is interested in educational and immigration policy reform in the U.S.

Author Note: This Oral history was conducted and recorded by Fatima Maciel on May 24, 2022.