Welcome to the Race and Oral History Project! Dear Reader, you might be wondering: What is this class trying to do anyway? Why am I here? Well, these were some questions that I was working to understand immediately after enrolling. Now, after taking this course, I think I can attempt to answer them. This class encouraged me to think about about how this course isn’t like any course I’ve ever taken because it doesn’t want you to study history or people– it wants you to create an entirely new system that allows people to build a history for themselves. I find that academia is proneRead More →

Ramla Sahid did not consent to have the audio recording of the interview uploaded. However, she did consent and approve the use of the interview transcript. Ramla Sahid was born in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1986 and is the founder and executive director of the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans (PANA). The interview discusses her early childhood leaving the war with her family; the resettlement of some of her family members in Ethiopia; the year she spent with her family in a Kenyan refugee camp; her experience with dual-language immersion in Dallas, Texas; and her experience growing up with, and the subsequent importance of,Read More →

Last Thursday, we took our first class field trip to tour Chicano Park. Located in the historic Barrio Logan neighborhood, Chicano Park is home to the largest collection of outdoor murals in the United States, all of which represent the cultural heritage of the Mexican and Mexican-American community of San Diego. Upon arriving at Chicano Park, I was struck by the juxtaposition of colorful expression in the wake of industrial infrastructure. Before enrolling in the Race and Oral History Project, I had never even heard of Chicano Park, so it was a fantastic experience to see the result of community activism first hand. The muralsRead More →

I was not really sure what I was going to encounter my first day working with the Refugee Health Unit, an offshoot of the UC San Diego Center for Community Health. Since moving to La Jolla several months ago, I had yet to visit City Heights, or even truly explore any of the communities outside UCSD. Therefore, when April 11th rolled around I was truly excited to get a chance to meet with R. Z at the Refugee Health Unit office in City Heights. We had already exchanged a copious amount of email correspondence, as at that point in the school quarter, the group ofRead More →