Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) is an after school-type program that works to increase matriculation into higher education for those in the Barrio Logan community. Specifically, the organization serves a demographic of Latinx youth who are low-income, first-generation, and working-class. Entering BLCI requires an application, high parental involvement, and a commitment to the institute. The students are expected to attend weekly workshops and to be involved in the programs that BLCI offers. Because of this intensive program, the students are equipped with the skills to tackle higher education. Statistically, Barrio logan has low averages of annual income, less than five percent of those 25 andRead More →

Daniel Mendoza grew up in San Diego, but his family originated from Mexico. I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel through the Barrio Logan College Institute (BlCI). I came to work at BLCI with Daniel through my history class at the University of California San Diego. This class focused on the importance of coming together as a community and reflecting on the oral histories of individuals within the community.  I worked alongside Daniel as he is the assistant director for BLCI. Daniel has a special connection to BLCI because he not only grew up attending it, he also works there now as an assistant directorRead More →

Our trip to Chicano Park was memorable for me because it was my first trip there. I knew of the rich history present at the park, but I did not know the extent of how easy it would be to immerse myself into the history. The park felt alive with each mural telling their own story. The details in each mural were truly astonishing. The park is a living and breathing quintessential portion of the community. It is a symbol of success from the past and hope for the future. Chicano Park provides the opportunity for anyone to enter the pages of a history bookRead More →