Dear Future Student, This class is really unique and special. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to leave the confines of the university institution and do tangible work with the communities invoked in the mostly theory based Ethnic Studies classes. In many cases, being able to work with your community partner means being able to leave La Jolla, and really discover some really precious pockets of San Diego. This class really allows you to have a more community based, praxis oriented lens. The oral history process is very rewarding, and it’s really amazing to hear people’s stories and narratives, which are very complex and unique. It’s greatRead More →

This trip was my first time going to Chicano Park, a place I have always wanted to visit due to how rich and bountiful its history is, and the significance it holds for the primarily Latinx residents of Barrio Logan. It was very humbling to be able to visit, and feel the monumentality that comes with decades of art, activism and community building. Throughout my the trip I found myself very fixated on the year 1970, the year the park was established. I was asking myself the question: What was it like at that time? Which administration was in power? What was the dominant narrativeRead More →