Dear Future Students, HIUS 120D, or the Race and Oral History of San Diego class, is one that I recommend everyone taking! Personally, when I first looked at the syllabus and heard that I would be having to go to a community site (for me, the Barrio Logan College Institute) every week, I thought it would be an overwhelming amount of work. I thought the class would be stressful and the assignments overwhelming. However, this class proved me wrong. The workload was very doable and enjoyable. Especially in comparison to your average UCSD class, the work felt meaningful in that I knew it was contributingRead More →

Ashley Gonzalez is a current high school senior who will be starting at the University of San Diego in the fall of 2019. Having grown up Logan Heights her whole life with her parents and her younger sister, Gonzalez is both a product of and contributor to the Logan Heights community. Gonzalez has been involved in organizations such as Cinco Lo Mujeres, the Community Converse Conference, and the ACLU Summer Institute. All of her activism has fueled her passion for social and environmental justice, as well as cultural representation for the Latinx community. This interview covers a range of topics ranging from the struggles GonzalezRead More →

Upon walking into Chicano Park, I wasn’t sure of what I was supposed to feel. I had been to Chicano Park once before, but it didn’t nearly have the impact that many people had claimed it had had on them, and had even left me a bit disappointed. I guess I had been expecting something more than just a bunch of public murals and art. But, this past time was different. One of the things that really had an impact on me was the history lesson that Professor Luis Alvarez gave us. Listening to him talk really helped me to understand the histories behind theRead More →