I was able to interview two folks from the tejido group (knitting group). I interviewed them on May 30th, 2018 at Casa Familiar during their session. In the background of both interviews you can hear the laughs and convivencias of the other señoras in the group. The second person I interviewed was Maria Trejo, she is also a community member that uses the Casa Familiar services. During the interview she was working on starting a new piece for another one of the señoras and you can hear her talking about the piece and the steps as she goes along the interview. She talks about migrating to TijuanaRead More →

      For my oral history project, I decided to work with the señoras from the knitting circle at Casa Familiar. It was a really beautiful experience and everytime I went there was a lot of positive energy within the space which leaves you wanting to come back. The first time I went, I didn’t bring anything to crochet with and I just listened to their stories. They have a lot of knowledge and experiences to share and they do so while they crochet/knit. I told them I was going to come back with all my crochet materials so I can join them. SometimeRead More →

            When I first visited Casa Familiar during the doll making workshops, I noticed that there was a group of señoras in the other room. I noticed them mostly because I heard them laughing and they seemed to be having very interesting conversations while knitting. I spoke to them that first time and I introduced myself. It seemed like a really nice space to be in and they looked like they were having fun. After visiting the Youth Center at Casa and talking to the director about trying to do site visits, she let me know the times that the knitting circleRead More →

           I was able to visit the doll making workshops both times on April 17th and April 25th. These were the first times I had gone down to Casa Familiar. It was a really beautiful experience being able to engage with kids in an artistic and creative way, where they are able to express who they are and how they see themselves. The intentions of the workshops were for the kids to be able to create a doll for themselves that looks like them or however they want it to look and they could add a recording of themselves to theRead More →