Kaylee’s Spotlight: Breaking Bread in Berlin

I Studied Abroad for 5 weeks in the summer of 2019 in Berlin, Germany, through a Global Seminar. I stayed in the district of Charlottenburg, and across the street from my hotel there was a German bakery. This bakery’s name was Zeit Für Brot (or Time for bread in English) and it was a must-stop on those early mornings I spent exploring the city. Their sweet buns were the perfect morning treat for slower days, croissants easy to eat before heading to class, and it was a quick stop in to grab a sandwich after class. I spent many mornings sitting outside writing in my journal reflecting on the day before and the day ahead. By the end of my stay in Berlin, I felt at home at Zeit Für Brot as it became an important piece of my study abroad experience. 

Zeit Für Brot’s Exterior, Berlin, Germany, 2019
Pastries from Zeit Für Brot, Berlin, Germany, 2019

Another place that I found myself drawn back to again and again was Lon Men’s Noodle House. After reading plenty of good things about this Taiwanese restaurant online, I came in with high expectations and an empty belly. Those high expectations were exceeded and this quickly became one of my favorite restaurants in Berlin. This is a place that I would recommend everyone go to because whatever you order will be amazing.

Lon Men’s Noodle House, Berlin, Germany, 2019

As a whole, I feel like food is such an important part of any experience abroad. As any foodie would say, good food can shape your experience when traveling for the best. Everywhere I went, the food in many ways reflected the culture of that area and with Berlin being such an international city, I never tired of searching for new things to try. 

So go abroad and EAT.

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