This project was born out of my infinite love for storytelling and a community around me ripe with stories. Embarking on this journey was about creating something that would evoke a sense of empathy, compassion, and understanding about the experiences of being Asian American. But what does that mean?   

I confess I have no idea what “being Asian American” means or what it means to the individuals who assume the label.

Where does this lie? Our features? The ability to speak a language? Our family? What about the legacy given to us by our parents? These questions are controversial, and I can’t be the only one person to answer them all.

I believe that we are a rising generation that struggles to make noise—on how to define ourselves, how to represent us all—but rest assured we have always been here, undaunted and unafraid.  

This is an inclusive project for North American creators of Asian descent to have a platform, to speak their stories, and to share a connection with one another.

At the end of this project, I still may not have a definitive answer to give, but this is my attempt to grapple with our legacy and for others to do the same.

I hope that you can join me on this journey, and I look forward to sharing our stories!

-Michelle Le

“Legacies” is a 176-page anthology compiled by Asian American creators. We aim to capture the diverse experience of being in North America as Asians, with different circumstances, different communities, and different families. We intend to use words and art to tell our stories and what kind of legacy being Asian American entails. We acknowledge that we might not be able to represent us all, and we certainly don’t pretend to. We simply want to start. 

Project Details

Dimensions and Style:

  • The anthology book is 8.5 by 11 inches
  • 176 (printed) bleed pages
  • Perfectly bound with a clear, laminated cover in color
  • Comprised with 30% recycled paper, with the inside pages being #100 lb. Text, Matte
  • Finishing in 100lb. Cover, Gloss.
  • Full color illustrations and written works in black and white


  • Utilize eco-friendly materials when producing the anthology.
  • Reach out to local indie bookstores and art galleries in SoCal for wholesaling.
  • Give a copy of the anthology to all our creators as compensation and appreciation for their time and work. We are primarily self-funded and thus can only cover the cost of printing and shipping the anthology to each creator. As a gentle reminder, neither our organizers nor do our creators make money out of this project. 
  • Contribute specifically to the empowerment of Asian American youth. Since the project is non-profit, any money we will make from the sale of the anthology after covering the cost of production will be given to student-run organizations supporting Asian Americans.