We have finished the workshop! Thank you to everyone who participated and waited patiently while we sorted out our hiccups. Thank you to Birdstonshire for being the best and gracing us with her presence!

The stickers are all printed but the pins are undergoing a slight revision. We will be expecting them in June instead. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have switched book vendors. We have established a relationship with Printivity and they have delivered all of the books safely to us! We have managed to guarantee 30% recycled paper and will be negotiating the percentage for the postcards. Thank you so much for bearing with us as we head into delivering all of the books. We hope to have our packing without plastic as much as we can to keep the materials eco-friendly.  

We will be sending out the stickers and the PDFs as soon as everyone finishes their surveys. We project it to be the end of this month but we promise to communicate any delays.