Here are a couple frequently asked questions and answers for anyone who’s curious!

What kind of project is this? 

It’s a passion project! We are not a professional business nor a printing press. We are freelance illustrators and writers looking to donate our time to create something that we hope others can enjoy. It’s simply a small antholozine!

Who runs this project? 

We currently have a page for our organizers. If you’re curious about us, all of our information is there! Though this website is part of UCSD, we are simply using the tools accessible to some of our organizers. We are not an official business or the school itself, though we are heavily associated with UC San Diego Department of Arts and Humanities.

Is this a non-profit?

Yes it is! We would like to make it clear that none of us profit from this project and no one is obligated to join. It’s entirely voluntary!

To that end, we also don’t use contracts. This zine will be produced as an informal project, so contracts don’t apply. Our group of creators is simply looking to spread some stories around!

Who gets the credit?

The works of the creators will always belong to them. We will never use it without their permission, nor will we infringe upon their rights.

What about compensation?

All creators will receive a copy of the anthology! The shipping is free and any special additions will be directed to the creators. We are primarily self-funded and any money we have leftover will go to charity.

We regret that not everyone will be able to find the time to participate, but please also realize that we have limitations and restrictions to work with as well!

This is strictly NON-PROFIT. Everyone is donating their time and effort and we greatly appreciate it!

Any questions or concerns?

Email us! We can be reached at or @antholegacies  on Twitter and Instagram!