To Serve All ITS People

This week’s reading of the Declaration of Independence focused on the idea that the government is an entity that should serve all its people and in the people should maintain their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If the government is not fulfilling this requirement, then the people have the right to create a new government that will fulfill these terms.

The picture I chose embodies the costs of securing these promised freedoms. The government we have gives its people a considerable amount of freedom, but we have to consider the non-monetary costs of what it means to be considered one of “its people.” In order to have the rights that are promised in the Declaration of Independence, the citizens may have had to give up a part of their personal identity or culture and conform to what it means to be a United States citizen and the immigrants that want to become a citizen have to consider the same things; this can be considered white-washing its citizens. So the question I have to ask is, do the things one must give up take away from the happiness that they are supposed to be able to pursue?

One thought on “To Serve All ITS People

  1. This is a really cool and interesting picture you chose to talk about with your post, it really exemplifies the vision you were trying to express. For your question, I think in a perfect world no one should sacrifice their happiness in hopes of for a good life as pursuing a “good” life would mean total happiness. However, it is unfortunate the society we live in today, in reality, does not allow that to be the case and we still struggle trying to make life “good” for everyone.

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