UC San Diego Sixth College CAT124A Summer 2018

This course was through the Culture, Art, and Technology Program at Sixth College of the University of California, San Diego in the Summer 2018. In this course, students learned skills and addressed topics such as: (1) data coding, analysis, and management skills, (2) developing confidence in using primary sources for research, (3) understanding the process of digitization and the issues around it, and (4) digitally curating data for public.

As mentioned in one of the class discussions, by a fellow classmate, it’s almost impossible to be objective. In a sense, I believe that to be true. There is no […]

Throughout the close observation of patrol reports of West New Britain district from 1961 to 1962, I could understand how the indigenous people in West New Britain interacted with kiaps. […]

I was assigned to review the patrol reports of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea from 1968-1969. The main topics that circulated these patrol reports were economic development, road construction, […]

Reflecting on the overall CAT124 course, I’ve recognized that several of my personal biases while heading into the course have largely disintegrated or have morphed into a separate understanding of […]

Reflecting back on the first patrol I read in the class I can remember having some expectations as to what I wanted the patrol reports to be about.  Initially I […]