Personal Biography

These blog posts were written by students during Summer 2018 as part of the requirement for their CAT 124 Practicum course. Each week students were given a prompt and asked to reflect on the questions in 300-500 words.

Personal Biography (due Sun, July 8) – Please Respond to the following questions: Tell us about yourself. How do you identify and represent yourself to others? Where are you from? What college/year are you and what are you studying at UCSD? What sort of experience or knowledge do you have of the Pacific? Why did you take this course? What do you hope to learn? (Optional: upload a picture of yourself with a brief caption)

About Shefali

Hello everyone! My name is Shefali. I am 25 years old and I am going to be a senior in the fall. I am a transfer student from Los Angeles. […]

Biography Kyeongbin

Hello. My name is Kyeongbin Kim (. I think I have lived in quite a few different places. I was born in South Korea and then moved to New Zealand […]

I am Margo Tannewitz, an avid reader with a boundless desire for better understanding the world that I live in. I am an aspiring writer who deeply cherishes education, and […]


  Hello all! My name is Lea Kolesky and I am a transfer student majoring in History. My region of emphasis is the United States and my research interests include […]

Hello! My name is Vincent Rojas I am an Art History Major with a love for ancient Greek art/culture, Japanese art/culture (Ukiyo-e), pretty much all of art history, hence my […]

Rachel's Story

My name is Rachel Dorlene Emerine Hicks.  I could identify myself in many ways.  I am an anthropologist, Ph.D. student, lover of nature, wife, sister, daughter.  I am white, cis-gender, a woman, […]

My name is Vidal Espina. I am a transfer student majoring in Visual Arts/Media with a minor in Speculative Design. I grew up in the Greater Los Angeles area. Since […]

Cristela's perspective

Gude! Nem bilong mi emi Cristela Garcia-Spitz.  My pronouns are: she, her, hers. I’m originally from Mercedes, Texas, which is just along the southern border of Texas and Mexico where […]