Words and Representations

These blog posts were written by students during Summer 2018 as part of the requirement for their CAT 124 Practicum course. Each week students were given a prompt and asked to reflect on the questions in 300-500 words.

Words and Representation (due Sun, July 29) – Reflect on how you chose the subject terms for your own patrol reports. What terms did you choose? Why did you choose them? How was this similar or different to the way you identified subjects in your partner’s reports? What are the implications of the words you chose for future audiences?

The keywords that I chose to use for my assigned patrol reports are: political education, economic development, cattle project, election,  roadwork, self-government, and agriculture, census, tax collection.  I chose these words […]

Copra production and road construction were the main key terms that I used. I chose these key terms because they were the main topics that were focused on in my […]

In identifying, the subject terms for my patrol reports and the overall volume I relied heavily on textual repetitiveness and frequent use of specific terminology.  I found it fairly-easy to […]

Some of the main key terms I chose that I think were the most important were; poultry project, cattle project, election, political education, development, economic development, roads, self-government, and agriculture.  […]