Cultural Context

These blog posts were written by students during Summer 2018 as part of the requirement for their CAT 124 Practicum course. Each week students were given a prompt and asked to reflect on the questions in 300-500 words.

Cultural Context (due Sun, July 15). Conduct research on the context of your patrol report. What can you find out about the geographical area, time period, culture, languages, religion, resources, colonial history, etc? You are encouraged to explore the vast resources on Melanesian Anthropology available through the UCSD library. Provide proper citations using APA formatting. (Optional: upload images related to your patrol report. Be sure to cite the original source).

My assigned patrol report was stationed at Pangia, in the district of the Southern Highlands, during the years of 1970-1971. My assigned patrol report was volume number 10, consisting of […]

Multiple patrol officers conducted the patrol reports on West New Britain district from 1961 to 1962. Throughout those reports, officers mentioned about the geographical figure of West New Britain. Colin […]