My art piece represents a woman who dominates not only one world but two. It symbolizes strength, power, and ambition. Indicating, a woman of color has an opportunity to exceed and accomplish her goals. This art represents a woman who came from Mexico as a child. She wanted the “American dream” like many others. She is one of many who accomplished her dreams, while navigating two identities. She was foreigner to America, but yet she created her own identity.  She embraces her Mexican roots, while respecting American’s culture. The two flags behind her represent that. She is a person that holds two spaces, Mexico and America. The tissue paper, 3D effect, represents the obstacles she had to endure, because there was no one flat path to take but many bumps on her journey. The Sparkles represent the accomplishments she has achieved and also the bright future ahead of her. Teresa was a woman who succeeded, and I believe that she should be recognized for her dedication. Lastly, her t-shirt represents something much greater. It represents her embodiment, her goals, her ambitions and everything that makes her unique and individual. Yo Soy is a phrase that holds a lot of sentimental and meaningful value to her. Finally, I believe she will continue to conquer whatever she sets her mind to.